Quid is an app that you download onto your phone that enables you to connect people with a range of approved insurance products. If anyone you connect with purchases a product through the app, you will be paid a referral fee. Quid also enables you to build a team by introducing new members who also register with Quid. If any products are purchased through their referrals, they will earn a referral fee and so will you. Simple.
Anyone is able to download the Quid app onto their smart phone. To activate your account you need to register and then link your debit or credit card.
Yes, Quid members pay a R300 annual license fee.
Quid pays you a 5% referral fee for any products purchased through the App that are linked to you either directly or indirectly through your team. The more people you and your team connect with, the greater your earning potential.
It’s very simple. Every Quid member gets an e-wallet. Any referral fees are instantly credited to your wallet. Your wallet is linked to your bank account and your Quid referral fees are transferred to your bank account each month.
Any referral fees due to you are instantly credited to your e-wallet. You can cash out your e-wallet balance by clicking on the Cash Out button and requesting a Cash Out amount manually, or waiting for the automatic monthly cash out process that runs at the end of the first week of every month. Manual cash out carries a R10 admin levy that will be deducted from your e-wallet.
As many as you want. Quid members benefit from direct and indirect members up to the 5th level. Any products that are purchased either by members in your team or by anyone they connect with, you will earn a 5% referral fee directly into your eWallet.
Simply open the Quid App on your phone and click on the Refer a Member button. Enter in the new member’s name and cell phone number and send. They will receive an sms with a link that directs them to downloading the app. They will now be linked to you.
When you register with Quid you can nominate a beneficiary who can take over your account when you pass away. On proof of your death and the beneficiary’s identity, we will load them as the new account holder.
Quid selects robust and cost effective insurance products from reputable insurers to offer its members the best value for money and peace of mind. From time to time we will add more products to the offering.
Each insurer on the Quid platform receives and manages claims for their respective products. The claims telephone number and email address is available on the app and website under the Products tab.